Legal terms

Web Site Purpose

The Web site you are (hereinafter the "Website") was designed and built by Epitech Group, as an infrastructure, to communicate to interested subjects (hereinafter, the "Users"), information (data, text, images, sounds etc., hereinafter, collectively, the "content") regarding Epitech Group products and services.
Among the Content posted by Epitech Group on the Website you can find information for both the utility of consumers Users (hereinafter the "Public"), expressed in an easily understandable form, as well as scientific information for the health workers' benefit (hereinafter the "Medici" and "Pharmacists").
The contents of the site have not promotional purposes and cannot be interpreted as an offer or prescription solicitation, supply, purchase or trade in Epitech Group products.
These conditions, in addition to any other terms to which they refer shall apply fully to all Epitech Group Internet sites, which have a website and / or a URL address.

The Web Site is operated by the Company:
Epitech Group S.p.A.
Via Egadi, 7
20144 - Milan
Tel. 049 8016784 Fax 049 8016759
hereinafter "Epitech Group".

To contact the website webmaster send an email at

General rules for navigation on the Website

The Web Site access, browsing, as well as consultation, downloading and any other use of the Website contents, are subject to the conditions provided within this electronic document (hereinafter, collectively, the "Conditions" or, singularly, "Condition") and all applicable laws, as applicable.

Acceptance of Terms

The access and navigation on this Website implies unequivocally the unconditional acceptance of all the Terms Users, in the published updated version of this Website page.
Unless any specific subsequent agreement between Epitech Group and Users, any other agreement previously concluded between Epitech Group and Users concerning the Web Site and the published contents therein is considered terminated as replaced by the Terms.
Epitech Group may at any time revise these Terms and Conditions by updating this posting. Users are bound by any such revisions and should therefore periodically visit this page to review the then current Terms and Conditions to which Users are bound. If Epitech Group reputes a Users' behaviour as a violation of the terms and conditions, Epitech Group can, without any notice and at its sole discrection , take any appropriate action against those Users.
Epitech Group has the right to invoke the termination of the access license to the Site Private Area and its contents towards the Users responsible of the terms violation, and also the removal of any information, program and / or material posted on the Website by those Users.
It is understood that Epitech Group assumes no liability resulting from the Users' behavior of and are subject to all of the Group Epitech rights, including compensation for damages suffered and all patiendi.

Users' commitment statement

While browsing the Website, Users pages accept and agree to comply with all the conditions required by this electronic document and any other Website page Special condition, in addition to the rules of netiquette and any and all existing provisions law, as applicable.
Users agree to keep Epitech Group Group companies undemaged from all claims, damages, liabilities, court proceedings and any other damages or loss resulting from improper use of the Web Site Contents.
Any and all possible Users declaration that Epitech Group companies were to find to be false, mendacious or secretive will be pursued to the relevant Authorities, under and for the purposes of the Criminal Code and other applicable rules. They are without prejudice to any rights of the Company Epitech Group Group, including compensation for damages suffered and all patiendi.

Epitech Group commitment statement

Subject to the liability limitations specified in the following conditions, Epitech Group is committed to continuously treat the accuracy and updating of the contents of the Web site.
Subject to the limitations of liability specified in the following conditions, Epitech Group is committed to treat with equal care the security of the Website.

Access and browsing rules within the Area reserved to Doctors, Pharmacists and other healtcare workers

The website consists of a Public area, open to free the consumers of public access, and a Reserved Area, which can register Doctors and Pharmacists.
To access the Restricted Area, Doctors and Pharmacists must complete a Registration Form, which can be accessed by selecting the internal link called "Sign in" and filling in the authentication fields with the credentials (User ID and password) that will be their assigned.
As stated also in the Registration Form, Doctors, pharmacists and other healtcare workers must know they are fully, strictly and personally responsible for the use and the secrecy of the above authentication credentials.
Doctors, Pharmacists and other healtcare workers are also responsible in any way for the veracity of all data communicated to Epitech Group by filling in the Registration Form.

Limitations to the Epitech Group responsibility for the contents of the Web site

Epitech Group wrote up the Website contents to the best of its knowledge and with the utmost professional care and assumes no liability for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, incompleteness or errors on the Website.
The Website contents and sites linked to it are for informational purposes and do not replace in any way the relationship of trust between patient and doctor. Epitech Group encourages Users to discuss with their doctors the contents and any kind of information which relates to their health.
Epitech Group has the right to change the Web Site at any time without prior notice.
Neither Epitech Group, nor any third party may be involved in the creation, production and publication of the Website, and any other site linked to it, can be held liable in any way or for any direct, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to the access, use or non-use of the Website or any other connected to it, or any error or omission present within the contents.
Users recognize the access and browsing the Website, as well as the use of information that constitute its contents, are under their sole responsibility.
Despite Epitech Group's commitment, the Website Content may present technical or typographical errors. Epitech Group disclaims any and all liability for any inaccuracy, incompleteness, inconsistency, inadequate or inappropriate timing in updating the Website contents.
Users acknowledge the Website was created by Epitech Group exclusively for purposes of information only.
The Website Content consist of Epitech Group information and other information relating to research and development activities and the products and services offered on the market by the Epitech Group.
Epitech Group expressly warns users that some of those products and / or services covered by the Website Content may not be available in the market of any of the states in the world.
Epitech Group also expressly warns users that none of the Contents in any way may be attributed value and meaning of indications or medical, diagnostic and / or therapeutic prescriptions.
The Website and the Content are reserved for browsing and consultation to people over 18.
Under no circumstances we will consider any requests from subjects under 18, nor will give any feedback.
The information specifically relating to medical products available with medical prescription are exposed exclusively in Epitech Group Website Private Area, which access, in accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 541/92, is restricted to health professionals (Doctors and Pharmacists).
It therefore invites the public to consult their own doctor for any and all doubts or concerns about your own health and in particular for any and all medical, scientifical, clinical and therapeutic services and / or consulting, about the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy of diseases, symptoms, side effects and adverse events.
Epitech Group has the right,at any time and without notice, to change its products and services, and suspend or withdraw them from the market of any country in the world at any time.
Epitech Group finally reserves the right to make, at any time and without notice, changes, fixes and improvements to data, information, programs published on the Website and in general to any and every element of the Website Contents.
On Users thus lies the duty to periodically check the Website and be aware of any Contents updates and consciously evaluate every element that Epitech Group has published on the Website.

Assignment of contents to Epitech Group

The information and statements relating to Epitech Group and published on the Website will be specifically identified by appropriate disclaimers, if they are intended by Epitech Group to be an expression of the company's position on any specific matter.
Any other information or representation not specifically authorized by Epitech Group is not attributable to Epitech Group and do not express its official position.
On Users thus lies the duty to check the traceability of Contents to Epitech Group, according to the present Condition.

Epitech Group Limitation of Liability for the Website Security

Epitech Group also assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for, any damages to, or viruses that may infect your computer equipment or other property on account of your access to, use of, or browsing in the website or your downloading of any materials, data, text, images, video or audio from the website. Epitech Group reserves the right to terminate or suspend at any time the operation of the Website without any responsibility at its own expense, whether the interruption or suspension are a result of actions or omissions of Epitech Group or to third parties.

Limitation of Liability of Epitech Group for Internal and External Links. Opt-in

Epitech Group reserves the right to include in the Website, in the Public and Private Area, links (hereinafter "Links") that redirect users to other pages of the website (hereinafter, " Internal Links") or possibly to the sites of other Epitech Group companies (although such connections are considered, under and for the purposes of these Terms, which links the Interior) or finally, also to third party websites (hereinafter, " External links") whose contents are deemed to be Epitech Group, at its sole discretion, of Users' interest.
As for Internal Links, Epitech Group policy prohibits the disclosure, by Epitech Group, of contents thourgh software that can be activated, while browsing the Website, without the Users' permission (such as, p. Eg. The "pop-ups windows").
As for the External Links, Epitech Group policy prohibits the ad on the Website of third party Websites sub-pages links different from the home page (hereinafter, "deep links"), because the content posted in such sub-pages is property of the linked sites owners.
The External Links are provided to website users merely for comfortability. Epitech Group cannot control what is contained in the External Links.
Consequently, activating the External Links, Users are only redirected to these third parties website home page, within which they will seek the information they need.
Users recognize that Epitech Group is not liable for the availability and contents of the sites where the External links refer, as Epitech Grooup is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage arising from the use of contents provided by such sites. Users access these sites at their own risk. The browsing of the sites linked to the Website by External Links is subject to the rules set by their owners.
Epitech Group expressly warns users they, by activating the External Links, disrupt the navigation of the Website for their own free will and without any compulsion.
The insertion by Epitech Group in Website External Links does not imply any endorsement of the third party sites content to which External Links redirect users. Furthermore Epitech Group shall not be responsible for the veracity and / or the adequacy of such content.
The information contained in these sites may not comply with Italian law provisions and in particular the rules set forth in Legislative Decree no. 541/92 regulating the advertising of medicinal products for human use.
Epitech Group warns that such information is managed by a third party independently and outside Epitech Group control.
Consequently, Epitech Group expressly disclaims any and all liability in any case connected to the content published on those sites and the browsing security of those sites, which Users accept to voluntarily access and under their sole responsibility.
The inclusion in the Reserved Areas, by Doctors or pharmacists or other healthcare workers, the deep links to third party websites is prohibited without the express consent of Epitech Group.

Copyright and other intellectual property rights on Contents and third party information

With the exception of specific written Epitech Group statement, all Contents posted on the Website are protected, as to their use, reproduction and total or partial distribution, by exclusive intellectual property rights (patent, trademark, copyright and related rights even on databases, and other related rights).
These specific conditions are considered fully implemented by the Terms.
In the absence of the explicit Epitech Group consent, all such contents can not be reproduced, disseminated, forwarded and / or transmitted, even partially, in any way, on any support and with any instrument.
Epitech Group expressly warns that any reproduction, even partial, of the Web site content on other Web server or Website will be prosecuted under civil and criminal laws.
The Website users have no right to economic exploitation of Epitech Group Companies contents, third parties data, information and materials included on the Website, and trademarks, patents, technologies, products,processes or any other intellectual property rights, belonging to Epitech Group Companies or third parties, which refer to the Website.
With the exception of the restrictions specifically applicable to individual contents on the basis of appropriate statements included in the Website, Epitech Group allows Users to display license, download and print Content exclusively for personal use.
The subdivision of parts or sections of the Website contents and / or their reproduction for sites operated by third parties outside Epitech Group is prohibited.
It is however forbidden, without Epitech Group written consent, any use of the Website Contents for not strictly personal purposes.
Epitech Group accepts no liability or responsibility for any infringement of third party rights, resulting from misuse, contrary to the Website Conditions or anyway improper use of the website Contents by Users.

Warranty for Users personal data protection

Epitech Group informs Users that, as a result of their access and browsing of the different Website areas and pages, Epitech Group may collect personal data related to identified or identifiable people.
Considering the above, Epitech Group informs its users that systems and computer programs, that allow the the website operation, collect, as a transaction to their normal operation, some users personal data whose collection is necessary for protocols communication operativity in the Internet (IP addresses, domain names of IT tools used by users to access the Web site, the URL address of the required resources amongst those available on the Website, date and time of the request, type and size of the request and other resource data relating to the operating system used by users).
Within this activity field, Epitech Group could install software in the user's computer hard drive, commonly known as "cookies", to collect the data of the domain name of the first user level (eg 'internetserviceprovider. com / net / en ', the date and time of access and the pages visited).
Subject to the limitations of liability in the conditions, Epitech Group ensures that the cookies do not have any detrimental effect on the users' computers and programs in there installed.
For practical reasons, Cookies can be configured so as to be automatically installed on the Users hard disk; for the same reasons, Epitech Group could use session cookies (which are deactivated by the users when they close the web browser), as well as persistent Cookies (which remain installed on users' computer also after switching it off) .
Session Cookies are used only to collect the data necessary for browsing on the Website and do not allow the collection of Users' personal identification data.
Epitech Group reminds that Users have the option to decline the automatic installation of cookies on their hard drive, enabling an "opt-in" system by changing the browser settings to display on Users' computer screen a "pop-up" message type, which alerts the users of the Cookie receipt by the Website, thereby allowing Users to decide whether to accept or refuse the installation on their hard disk.
Despite Epitech Group does not collect such personal information in order to associate them with identified individuals, it is anyway inherent in their nature the tecnica possibility to identify users individually through elaboration softwares.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, which applies to personal data automatically collected by systems and Website operational software, while browsing the Website, Epitech Group will not collect any users personal data except with the consent of these, which is always optional.
The only consequence, to the eventual revoked Users consent, will be the termination of services offered (in particular the answers to information querce) to those users by Epitech Group Website.
Most of the data collected by Epitech Group Website is anonymous, as well as data concerning access to the Website pages and research done within the Web Site.
Anonymous data is processed by Epitech Group with the exclusive purpose of improving the Content posted on the Website, to prepare statistical analysis, which only process the aggregated data relating to browsing on the Website, and to carry out market research and analysis for the Website technical functionality.
"Owner" of the process of users personal data, collected through the Website, is Epitech Group in his capacity as Company that manages the Website, as shown in the first condition laid down in this electronic document.
In the processing of users personal data, Epitech Group is committed to compliance with Legislative Decree (LD.) N. 196/2003, as amended, Directive 95/46 / EC on the protection of personal data and the current national, community and international law relating to confidentiality of personal data.
The Owner of the data process, according to its organizational structure, claims to have appointed the responsible and in charge for the processing of personal data.

Epitech Group does not process the users personal data without their consent, where this is permitted by law

Browsing the website Public Areaa is not subject to registration.
Except as provided in the Conditions on the personal data automatically collected by the website systems and operational software and on Cookies, all published contents in this area are freely available without the communication to Epitech Group of any users personal data.
Differently, the access to the website Private Areas is subject to the communication of personal data in the in the Registration Form fields.
The only consequence arising from the refusal to provide any personally identifying information via the Registration Form mentioned, is the inability fot Doctors, Pharmacists and other healthcare workers, to access to the Private Areas contents.
Epitech Group processes collected personal data only for lawful purposes and to the solely communicate and disseminate of the Website contents.
The personal data sent by users, to the assistance service and for Epitech Group information, at, will be kept confidential.
The users personal data will be processed at Epitech Group headquarters, at the above address.
The access and the processing users personal data collected through the Website is allowed only to Epitech Group employees, Website Webmaster and possibly IT consulting companies that have been given responsibility, authorized by law, they have a real need to use the data and who have received appropriate written instructions for the processing of such data, in accordance with the principles of necessity, relevance, appropriateness, safety and confidentiality.
Any Epitech Group employees behaviours, which are contrary to law or to company rules to protect the users privacy, will be sanctioned at a disciplinary level.
Nevertheless, Epitech Group can not exclude the possible occurrence of unlawful users personal data processing.
Epitech Group intends to ensure that the Users personal data collected from Epitech Group through the Website, are current, accurate and complete.
Any communication to third parties or disclosure of users personal data will not be delivered without the prior users consent statement.
Epitech Group is committed not to disclose users personal information to parties external to Epitech Group companies.
Despite the commitment above, Epitech Group reserves the right to communicate, however, on an occasional basis, the users personal data to third parties working on behalf of Epitech Group or in connection and support of Epitech Group research, industrial and commercial activities; for the exclusive purpose to implement all the treatments in accordance with the purposes for which the data were originally collected.
Epitech Group expressly warns that third parties, to whom the data have been communicated, in application of the Condition of the above, may apply different internal company directives and national laws on the confidentiality of personal data. In such cases, Epitech Group is committed to ensuring, through contractual arrangements with such third parties, that the same implement the same level of protection of personal data which regards Epitech Group and, if so, will contractually require the same process data in their transferred only for the purposes expressly authorized by Epitech Group.
Any users related data defined as "sensitive" pursuant to art. 4 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (in particular, information on health status) will not be disclosed or communicated to third parties in the absence of prior written Users consent.
Epitech Group informs its users that they may revoke such consent at any time.
Epitech Group retains the personal information automatically collected, by Website systems and operational software, such as personal data voluntarily supplied by users, only for the time reasonably necessary to pursue effectively the purposes for which the data were collected, and in accordance with all legal and ethical rules for storage of personal documents and data.

Upon processing cessation, the collected personal data are erased or made unintelligible, so technically irreversible

Users, such as those affected by the personal data collection, may exercise all the rights recognized by. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.
For any and all claims or relative instance to their personal data held by Epitech Group, interested users are sent to contact Epitech Group at the address indicated in the first State or send an email message to
For the detection of instances of access to their personal information, Epitech Group will not charge the concerned users with any amount, except in the case of a request without foundation in law.
Any delete instances of personal data will be subject to legal, deontological, ethical rules and to documentation requirements laid against Epitech Group.

Contents modifications, adjustments and updates

Epitech Group reserves the right to modify, amend and update at any time, at its discretion and without notice, the Website contents.
Epitech Group expressly disclaims any and all liability related in any way to such changes.

Final rules

If any of the conditions provided in this electronic document were considered null, invalid or ineffective, as contrary to any applicable mandatory rule, this condition will be interpreted and applied in the sense that not comply with this mandatory provision and at the same time deviates the least possible effect on the parties common intention as expressed in the disapplied Condition text.
If this is not possible, the above condition will be totally or partially disapplied in favor of the mandatory law that is applicable to this case.
Any failure to apply one or more of the conditions of this document does not give non-application of the other conditions.
By accessing the Website Users acknowledge to accept, for all disputes linked to the access and browsing in any and every Website page and / or Area and / or use in any form of the content published therein, and / or with the interpretation and application of the conditions, the exclusive application of the substantive and procedural Italian law and the choice of Italian exclusive jurisdiction by opting for the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the court of Padua.
Users acknowledge the printed version of this electronic document and any communication from Epitech Group and transmitted electronically or posted on the Website which permitted the written test, in accordance with art. 10, paragraph 2 of Presidential Decree n. 445/2000, in any legal or administrative proceedings.
Epitech Group reserves exclusive ownership and the exercise of all rights that are not expressly attributed to users by the conditions laid down in this electronic document.
Epitech Group communication policy aims to provide users with increasingly effective tools to ensure corporate transparency.
We invite users to periodically visit this page to see the improvements.

The access to the web site and to its content is only for personal use and purposes (i.e. for personal information, research or study).
Without prejudice to any right, faculty or authority of third parties, in case of prohibited conduct Epitech Group SpA shall reserve the right to act according to the law.

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