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Neurovascular Project

All blood vessels (both arterial and venous) are considered as mini-organs capable to withstand the high pressure of the blood, rich in oxygen and nutrients, pumped to different organs, guaranteeing at the same time an adequate flow back of the oxygen-poor blood (venous) to the lungs for re-oxygenation.
A variety of factors, physiological (old age) or pathological (diabetes, obesity,) may lead vessels to lose their natural elasticity, contributing to the development of disorders affecting the superficial venous circulation (Chronic Venous Disease) and/or arterial (Aneurysmal Disease).
Vasal neuroinflammation and oxidative stress, today are considered to be local damage factors on which focusing a treatment able to moderate the course of venous and arterial vascular disorders.
Eliminate and reduce those factors (hypertension, obesity, diabetes etc…) responsible for the onset and severity of vascular disorders is the conservative first-line approach.
A coadjuvation to the conservative treatment with a systemic intake of active ALIAmides and anti-oxidants associated with a topical intervention –when possible- with venous-tonic/restructuring substances, guarantees a highly synergistic final effect on pathological phenomena sustaining the vascular disorders.


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