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Podolife Project

At foot level abnormal load solicitation, altered posture, traumatic stimuli from the external environment, or dysmetabolic impairments like diabetes are all risk factors for podopathies.
Keeping under control the health of our feet, especially for subjects considered as fragile (e.g. elders), it is quite important because even a light foot disease it can have a significant impact on the daily quality of life.
This is the case of the diabetic and/or vascular – both arterial and venous – podopathies and onychomicosis typical of elders.
These disorders have common features as dermal-epidermal hyper-reactivity displaying symptoms like pain, pruritus, swelling and structural alterations of skin and nails.
The control and prevention of tissue reactivity at foot level, along with the characteristic symptoms, is the aim of the modulation pharmacology which is the goal of Podolife.

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